We at Almobda Co. believe that human potential is our greatest strength and hence we recognize the importance of hiring talented human resources. We recognize the need of our human resources for continuous motivation and empowerment. We are a profit entity. It is therefore essential that the human resource at Almobda be committed to the creation of company wealth and the human resources benefit from creating the company wealth through a reward and recognition policy based on “Pay for Performance Principle”. We do not take any regard to non-business differences in human race, origin, nationality, gender or any other non-business aspect. Our pay for performance system rewards individuals for performance in person and  performance in teams. Performance is measured by attained business results and attained tangible values.   



  • Safety Newletter
    Safety Newletter
    07. July 2015

    Welcome to our Safety Newsletter. We request you all to share our Safety Vision and make Safety a part of your daily life. In this month our topic is STEEL ERECTION IN HIGHER ELEVATIONS.