• Safety is our top most priority. It comes first in priority ahead of all other priorities. It certainly comes ahead of production and cost effectiveness. No business success can be claimed without success in safety first.

• The Individual safety and as well plant and process safety are equally important parts of our safety assurance systems. Both are measured and tracked for continued improvements.

• Safety is the most essential part in our performance recognition system.

• We do not accept any bypass of safety procedure and safety protection systems and hard ware must be in top quality and operational condition.

• Safety of the individual and the plant processes are every employee responsibility. 

• Safety is both collective and individual accountability. Success to meet safety goals is the success of all individuals and all the team. It requires collective respect, adherence and compliance. Personal noncompliance is the accountability of the person, the surrounding team and the whole company. 

• All changes of hardware and plant procedures must be done in orderly process of managing change safely; well known as management of change.



As a responsible corporate Almobda is committed to the cause of conservation of the environment and has made environmental protection a priority through:

• Environmental protection is our second top most priority. It comes second to safety in priority ahead of all other priorities. It certainly comes ahead of production and cost effectiveness. No business success can be claimed without success in safety

• Continually improving environmental performance of our processes & products and ensuring prevention of any pollution at each stage.

• Strictly comply with the applicable environmental legislations & standards. 

• Ensure effective use of resources in the areas of energy, chemicals, water, etc.

• Reduce and recycling waste and packaging materials.

• Encourage the usage of environment-friendly technologies to aid elimination of hazardous materials.

• Implement and maintain an Environmental system fulfilling the requirements of the International Standard ISO 14001 at all levels.

• Ensure all legal and mandatory requirements are consistently met within the plants and the surrounding areas as well during the journey of transporting the product until product custody is legally transferred.    



• Ensure continual improvements in all activities and provide necessary resources in order to achieve our goal of “Operational excellence in all our services”.

• Implement and maintain a quality system fulfilling the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001: 2000 & ISO 14001 at all levels.

• Provide all resources & training needed for the continuous improvement in the quality of services with the involvement of all Employees & Staff.

• Quality to be accorded high priority to ensure market competitiveness and to enable supply of cost effective products to the customers.




• To develop and nurture a minimum number of quality vendors in each category, whom support Almobda in its endeavor to attain of high productivity, zero non-conformance and high level of cost competitiveness.

• To with on-line suppliers to support and enable Almobda to maintain low inventories, and reduce working capital.

• To continuously improve the manufacturing flexibility, with the help of Just-in-time techniques like modern system in order to meet customer requirements in shortest possible time.



All intellectual property solely developed by employees during their employment with Almobda including discoveries or inventions made in the performance of their duties related in any way to the business of Almobda will remain the property of Almobda. 

Employees shall protect third party confidential information, technology and intellectual property of third party.

Employees may be given access to confidential information, data, business property, keys to premises or any other business related property/ information in the performance of their duties. This must be protected and used only in the interests of Almobda.


Employees must not:

• Disclose or use any part of any confidential information outside of the performance of their duties.

• Employees are not authorized to be involved in the improper use or disclosure of confidential information; during or after their employment without the Almobda written consent.

• ‘Confidential information’ includes any information in any form relating to Almobda or third party client or supplier which is not in the public domain.

• Employees must act in good faith towards Almobda and must prevent (or if impractical, report) the unauthorized disclosure of any confidential information.

• Failure to comply with this policy may result in dismissal, and Almobda may pursue legal action or other remedies.


Abdullah Saad Al-Rabeeah,

Al-Mobda Co. Managing Partner




  • Safety Newletter
    Safety Newletter
    07. July 2015

    Welcome to our Safety Newsletter. We request you all to share our Safety Vision and make Safety a part of your daily life. In this month our topic is STEEL ERECTION IN HIGHER ELEVATIONS.