• Attain excellence in safety, health and environmental performance.

• Implement and maintain a safety system fulfilling the requirements of the International Standard OHSAS 18001:2007 at all levels.

• Attain excellence in social responsibility and business ethics. 

• We respect the regulations, rules, and compliance issues that apply to our businesses around the world.

• Fulfill agreed upon customer/ stakeholders’ expectations.

• Focus on customer satisfaction and proactive customer engagement. 

• Strive to understand and anticipate customer needs by market facing operating model.

• Offer innovative and value added solutions to our customers.

 Apply “Quality Minded Approach” to Everything We Do.

• Attain continuous improvement to reliability and cost effectiveness.

• Demonstrate innovative leadership by empowering change.

 Combine strength with speed in responding enthusiastically to new opportunity and new challenge.

• Encourage and inspire continuous learning amongst our people.

• Empower our human resources and support continuous learning, innovation and teamwork.

• Up hold highest standards in performance discipline, accountability and pay for performance. 

• We passionately believe that people are the most valued assets of our company, and that they are essential participants with a shared responsibility in fulfilling our mission.

• Trust, inspire, and empower our people to set and achieve high expectations, standards and challenging goals. 

• Treat all people with dignity and courtesy.

• Work in teams. Each of us succeeds individually when we, as a team, achieve success with a shared purpose and value individual.

• Respect and adhere to company policies, systems and procedures.

• Respect the values and cultures of the communities in which we operate.

• Communicate the values and policies to all our employees and make them available and transparent.   





  • Safety Newletter
    Safety Newletter
    07. July 2015

    Welcome to our Safety Newsletter. We request you all to share our Safety Vision and make Safety a part of your daily life. In this month our topic is STEEL ERECTION IN HIGHER ELEVATIONS.